Experiential Marketing is the future


It could definitely be said that the best marketing agencies are the true experience designers that bring brands to life. Consumers of all demographics react quite positively to such engagements. Nearly a decade ago experiential marketing was about exposing the brand to consumers through samples and promotional coupons, or creating marketing stunts that get groups of people talking and engaging with brands, however today it’s about creating memorable experiences for individuals of all types, giving them a chance to really interact and engage with the brand.

Todays consumers are more cautious, they’re curious, they’re interested. They do their homework. Brands need to assess how individuals respond to different marketing channels. Experiential Marketing  is becoming an increasingly important way for brands to engage with consumers.

2014 Reports Showing Consumers Respond Best to Experiential Marketing!

Experiential Marketing News has carried out several surveys throughout 2013, and have continued into 2014, we have also monitored other thought leaders and agencies to discover:

Surveys show that over 65% of consumers prefer experiential to every other form of marketing. Specifically, consumers place an increasing importance on product samples and reduced pricing as an introduction for brands to consumers. 48 percent of consumers say they are more likely to buy a new product if they can try it first. Experiential marketing scores high in encouraging more purchases from existing customers. Experiential marketing increases overall and spontaneous brand awareness, purchases and recommendations by more than 51%.

Building Brand Advocate Teams  

The people who you have working to represent your brand should be completely immersed in, knowledgeable about and passionate about your brand, just as you are! You should have a team that understands your products or services and is ambitious and passionate about those very services.

Building Online Key Influencers

It is also essential to be tied into and immersed into the brands presence and their competitions presence online to truly understand how to inject a brand into that conversation. Who is the most involved in the social space in your niche? Who has the largest, most engaged audiences?

Engage with these users and give them an incentive for using your product or service. They will post about your brand, and how happy they were for the “free product”, and in turn you will get some free publicity! You don’t want just anyone though, you want to find key-influencing users in the relating niche.


Experiential marketing infographic

Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.