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Ben & Jerry’s put a giant cereal bowl filled with plastic balls in the middle of New York City’s Grand Central Station, at peak commuting time, and asked passersby to jump into it. Though a risky time and place for stopping people in their tracks, it seemed that commuters couldn’t resist the unexpected opportunity to indulge in […]
Bieber gets experiential with Lyft. The Bieb surprised a few fans in a Lyft ride to celebrate the new album. Check it out! If you have questions about experiential marketing or pr stunts contact BeCore today!
Crossworks created a unique beer buying experience for heineken where shoppers heard an inner voice from their head. A voice which only you could hear and no one else. The solution was designed based on Directional Sound Solutions where sound can be directed specifically to a particular direction without spilling over to other areas. This would […]
House of Vans London looks super cool, built in what appears to be some sort of underground bunker. “Last week saw the launch of House of Vans London, a 3,000 sqm art, music and skate space under Waterloo station, and the latest addition to London’s creative playground. Representing the eclectic diversity of London and the […]
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