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A great example of how RFID technology can benefit the brand as well as the consumer. Spotify used RFID bands that allowed people to add their social media profiles, which were later used in activations such as photo booths.
The iconic YT-1300 Corellian light freighter, otherwise known as The Millennium Falcon. A vast reconstruction of the famous ship served as one incredible centerpiece for the red carpet gathering. And in doing so, its colossal scale led to one of the world’s most famous streets being completely shut down between Orange and Highland, generating huge media […]
Float and Bud Light unveiled the largest virtual fitting room of its kind at Bud Light Party Conventions in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York this month. The digital experience promoted Bud Light’s new line of apparel and merchandise. When visitors stood in front of the enormous seven by seven-foot screen, Bud Light “swag” was […]