Social Media

This test your road campaign is a excellent experiential campaign by Lexus. Essentially the idea of “taking your own path” took the form of a campaign featuring a lifesized interactive course featuring contest winners from facebook. As each person got in the car, they were given an ipad to control the vehicle, as the user […]
This unique vending machine not only dispensed Coke, but also random gifts such as pizza and games! Their new vending machine in South Korea has people dancing for a chance to win a free coke. The machine is powered by Xbox Kinect and encourages people to impersonate and dace with Korean boy band, 2PM. The […]
We have to salute Spotify on a job well done in the experiential marketing department, no matter what the event, they have always managed to impress us on their presence and immersive strategy with experiential. Check out just a few of their interactive experiential marketing installations.
“Our challenge as a services brand is finding ways to engage consumers outside of traditional media,” says Christina Lively, director of brand strategy and integration at H&R Block. “This is a way to let consumers touch and feel and sample our product.” The Experiential kiosk, which Lively says is part-ATM machine and part-photo booth, is […]
8 Interactive Nike Windows for Selfridges, London in 2012. These interactive retail spaces that engage with passer-bys as they walk by or engage with the window are sure to amaze utilizing a variety of engaging technologies, such as sensors, cameras, strobe lights, lasers, and physical reactive installations.
Experiential Marketing with HTC The creators of the HTC One and Selfridges temporary skatepark, Prime and Fire, have now released a three-minute video filmed at the opening of the park. 400 people attended the opening in total, including some of UK’s best skateboarders such as Tom Knox, Tom Harrington, Caspar Brooker, Jacob Sawyer, and Neil […]