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Check out this Party at Frank’s Laundromat with Rome Fortune and friends. Most people listen to music at the laundromat as a way to kill time during the most tedious of shores, but last night in Texas, SoundCloud turned up the volume. In celebration of their new streaming service, which is available online or off, […]
Give a high-five for charity and with each high-five given, a nickel is donated to charity. Great experiential project with a great cause. If you have questions about experiential marketing be sure to check out becore experiential marketing agency.
BeCore Los Angeles was at SXSW in Austin this year handing out product samples in exchange for tweets about the Microsoft Titanfall release. This project was a success and many samples were given out. BeCore gave out free water bottles, kind bars, and phone chargers for those SXSW patrons that were running low on juice.
Check out these Mario Karts at SXSW! These things are awesome! The official statement from Pennzoil; “The collaboration with Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise marks two iconic brands coming together as leaders on the front lines in their respective industries. Mario Karting Reimagined is sure to surprise SXSW attendees with the way that it uses the […]