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Amazon Echo – Jack Ryan Escape Room

By Kelly Vaught

Amazon wanted to give their audience more than just the usual demonstration on their product. How? By locking them in a room to find their way out with help from Alexa (Amazon Echo). This activation took place at Comic-Con New York, where attendees spent 30 minutes in the first ever voice activated escape room. It wasn’t the first time a brand created an immersive experience by inviting people to an escape room, but it’s the first time the entire event was live streamed on Twitch and all the clues were voice activated. Amazon brilliantly promoted its new product by creating a need for the audience to use Amazon Echo, as that was the only way to win the game. This activation should be an inspiration for other brands and an encouragement to live stream their brand activations.

Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.