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Visa Signature: The Door


To give consumers a peek into the upgraded hotel rooms and let them experience that benefit first hand, UNIT9 built a ‘magic door’ installation in America’s oldest shopping mall, using motion sensor technology.

Using a Visa Signature card to unlock the door, visitors can open this special door and see a realistic 3D projection of a Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection room, stitched together from over a thousand photos taken from a real room. A motion sensor was placed at the top of the door frame to track users’ natural movements, creating a parallax effect: as they move closer to the door, their view of the room changes.

The experience is enhanced by another motion sensor, which allows a second user who is positioned at the back of the door to see a projection of themselves keyed into the room.

Meanwhile the user who is interacting at the front of the door can also see this same projection, creating a fun, interactive experience.

Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.