7 Awesome RFID Event Technology Examples for Experiential Marketing and Live Events

7 Awesome RFID Event Technology Examples for Experiential Marketing and Live Events

7 Awesome RFID Event Technology Examples for Experiential Marketing and Live Events

By Kelly Vaught


#1. Battersea Cats & Dogs #LookingForYou Campaign

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home launched their #LookingForYou campaign using technology to truly engage their audiences experience at a Westfield mall. Consumers were handed brochures with information about adopting dogs from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home; however, in the brochures was a RFID tag that would start a video on every billboard they would walk by in the mall. Barely, a former stray dog at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, would follow a consumer around the mall through billboards.

#2. NYCWWF – The SavorBand by Event Farm

Have you ever been to a food and beverage festival and wished you could relive every mouthwatering moment again? Well, with the Esurance SavorBand you can! Esurance wanted to modernize all Food Festivals presented by FOOD&WINE by offering attendees a SavorBand. The wrist band would digitally capture and store a list of the foods and drinks that the festival goers tried. Each food stand would have a kiosk next to it in which attendees could walk up to the kiosk tap their SavorBand which would digitally save what they just tried. After leaving the festival attendees were able to go home insert the SavorBand code online and get recipes from all their favorite stands!


#3. Range Rover Evoque RFID

Range Rover decided to take test driving to a new level. Usually you have to wait a long period of time and fill out a bunch of forms before taking a car for a ride. Range Rover, decided to make it easier by having multiple test driving areas. Test Drivers were able to fill out their information ahead of time and then were given a RFID card that carried all of their information as well as Facebook profile. Test Drivers received the location to their nearest test drive area. Each car had a go pro that took pictures of the drivers experience that could be instantly shared on Facebook.


#4. Rabbids Amusement Centre

Rabbids, which are crazy, restless and reckless rabbit like creatures (much like our kids sometimes), came to life at Rabbids Amusement Centre in Montreal. The amusement park geared for kids 12 and under gave kids the opportunity to exercise and interact with the characters in virtual and physical ways. Each attendee was given a wristband that worked much like a credit card. Kids would walk up to a game scan their wristband and begin to play!


#5. Grolsch Swingtop Challenge – Life Agency

Booty Popping, Chopping, and Slicing all went down with Grolsch Swingtop Challenge. Grolsh decided to get back in the games by getting the bar scene excited about their product again. They created a digital space in which bar attendees were challenged to “Master the art of the open”.


#6. New York City Marathon ‘Support Your Marathoner’

Asics “Support Your Marathoner” campaign let runners loved ones catch up to their speed. When runners received their bib number they also received a RFID tag with a trigger chip that went off as soon as runners past the start line portraying their loved one’s messages on 3 big screens, which played text, still photos, or videos cheering on their favorite runner. New York hosts one of the biggest marathons in the world and runners from different countries come and leave love ones behind. This gave runners the support they needed to finish the race.


#7 Starhub’s Musical Fitting Room

Haven’t you always wanted music to play in the background of your life like it does in the movies? Well that kind of happened (but in only in fitting rooms). Starhubs partnered with different clothing brands to combine music, fashion, and RFID technology. Clothes around the store had a different RFID chip so when consumers would go into fitting rooms it would trigger a signal to a speaker to play a song that fit the style of the piece of clothing.

Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.