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Float Hybrid teams up with Live Nation and Bud Light to Reinvent the Concert Selfie


Fans treasure their concert experiences, and post-show they love reliving their live music moments. With this in mind, Bud Light teamed up with Live Nation and leading digital agency Float Hybrid to give fans a new way to capture their music moments, by creating a new take on the classic photo booth at the legendary Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Chicago.

The result was an innovative GIF booth experience known as the FloatCam, a multi-camera rig that captures fans’ moments of joy, excitement, and passion from different perspectives and freezes that moment in time. The resulting GIF does a slow-motion pan through the moment, similar to the visual effects pioneered in the legendary Matrix films.

On top of creating a one-of-a-kind clip for fans to enjoy, Live Nation recognized how the FloatCam is a great vehicle for brands to connect and engage with concert-goers. Bud Light tapped into this experience to elevate awareness around their “Famous Among Friends Campaign” by exclusively outfitting the pavilion, temporarily renamed the “Bud Light Friend Zone” in the historic Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, IL.

“We know that sharing experiences on social channels is the cultural currency of our time, says Ronnie Yoked, Director of Digital Innovation, Music at Anhesuer Busch. “As a brand, Bud Light wanted to give our consumers a unique opportunity to do just that. Moreover, we wanted to capture great moments shared between friends, because Bud Light believes that all of the greatest moments should be shared with friends over a Bud Light.”

The GIF photo booth was installed within the Bud Light Friend Zone and during 22 shows this summer, ranging from John Mayer to Paul McCartney, fans were invited into the Bud Light Friend Zone to get their GIF’s taken by the FloatCam.

From there, fans were given the opportunity to send and post their GIF’s via internet connected iPad hubs set up around the pavilion, creating a powerful data set for the sponsor and an incredible digital artifact memorializing the experience for fans.

“We are seeing that more than ever before, fans want to instantly share the magic of live music events on their social channels,” says Matt Belkin, VP Business Development at Live Nation. “This technology delivers on that demand in a more engaging and interactive way than your typical static social photo or straight forward video. Bud Light was a great brand to partner with as the experience aligned so perfectly with their now widely popular Famous Among Friends campaign.”

FloatCam represents an example of the growing trend towards interactive media. Interactive media engages more of the human sensory range, allowing consumer decisions to shape the user’s own experiences in real time. This layer of interactivity is what makes the medium a perfect complement to concerts and other live events.

“One of the most powerful opportunities for brands to drive real connection and affinity with fans is bringing interactive digital media into physical experiences,” said Keith Bendes, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Float Hybrid. “The FloatCam at the Bud Light Friend Zone brings together an exciting, highly sharable media experience in GIF form, with a beloved concert context.”

Based in San Francisco, Float Hybrid is the leading digital agency helping brands form deeper connections with consumers through interactive media experiences. The company offers strategic consulting and technology development services. For more information, please visit www.floathybrid.com.

Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.