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Pepsi and Google VR experience takes fans way, way back for the Superbowl


Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for football fans across the entire planet – the single greatest, and most heavily-contested, championship game of the entire American Football season.People from across the US and beyond come together to marvel at the spectacle. But, of course, what happens out there on the field is only half the draw for audiences.

For 2018’s mega-event, Pepsi took its moment in the spotlight with a truly global audience to put forward its ‘Pepsi Generations’ campaign with ‘This Is The Pepsi’, reminding audiences of the brand’s long-standing, thirst-quenching heritage.

Pepsi and Google created the web-based VR version of the experience. The 2D version fails to capture the immersive nature that makes people feel like they’re present inside of VR. Because of that, the experience through Pepsi’s microsite falls fairly flat compared to viewing the content in virtual reality.

While the experience is in ways less complex or immersive than what many brands have done with VR over the past year, it does help add to this year’s Super Bowl “nostalgia” theme by immersing viewers more than they might otherwise feel from a 2D screen. And yet, there is still this sense that the viewer is inside of something rather than passively viewing while eating a bag of chips.

Check out Pepsi’s GoBack site here. 

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