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Projection Mapping a New World Over the Czech Philharmonic


Wavy layers of color roll around, leaving shadows on the layers below, which cascade out like steps and wrap around the intricate, classical architecture of the main stage. Bright oranges and reds glow from behind angular breaks in the surface. Lines oscillate around each other within the dome roof, while squares unfold and collapse onto one another elsewhere. Ripples of an angular sea heave across the ceiling and down the pillars, which jump out from the dark shadows behind them.

Provided with the score beforehand, they pre-rendered their part, which was performed live by The Macula with Resolume VJ Software, but everything was timed to the music. Ten HD projectors in were used in total, with four on the ceiling, four on the main stage, and two on the pillars. To create the visuals, NOHlab used 3ds MAX, Cinema 4D, and Adobe After Effects.

original article: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/projection-mapped-czech-philharmonic?utm_source=tcpfbus

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Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.