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Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis Experiential Installation at Grand Central Station


Lean Cuisine asked women how they wanted to be weighed. This is what they told them. Keep what matters on the scale by sharing how you want to be weighed with #WeighThis.

Learn Cuisine has spent over 30 years putting thought and care into our food, but a lot has evolved in those three decades. Culinary culture has become richer and more diverse than ever, and their understanding of health and wellness has grown immensely. That’s incredibly exciting! Lean Cuisine knows that they have to dramatically rethink the way they make their recipes, but it’s time to rise to the challenge.
Our chefs are on a mission to bring the best flavors from every corner of the world to you. That means everything from sweet and spicy

Korean-Style Beef to Mexican-style Enchilada Verde, from Thai-style Sriracha chili sauce to Vermont white cheddar mac and cheese. Our nutritionist recommends switching up your meals regularly and trying new flavors often to keep your diet spontaneous and fun. With our new recipes, we hope to make that easy.

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