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Tramontina: The unstickable poster


When you want to demonstrate what a brand can do in terms of capability, why not shoot food at it?

Tramontina’s ‘The unstickable Poster’ is an unexpected and memorable route to show exactly what sets the brand’s pans apart from the competition, in a way that’s sure to stick in viewers’ minds.

Tramontina printed up a series of posters of its pans, that were all then coated in Starflon non-stick product, the same substance that’s used on the brand’s actual pans.

These posters were then placed in a food shooting range. Yes, you can see where things are heading.

To prove just how awesome its pans really are, Tramontina invited a group of online influencers, customers, and Olympic shooting medalist Felipe Wu himself to shoot at the posters with toy guns. Each bullet was filled with food renowned for its stickiness, including tomatoes, pesto, eggs and mustard.

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Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.