How Brands Are Using Coachella for Experiential Marketing

How Brands Are Using Coachella for Experiential Marketing

How Brands Are Using Coachella for Experiential Marketing


Why use Coachella as a catalyst for Experiential Marketing?

Each year, brands of all sizes and types utilize Coachella for experiential marketing purposes. The annual music festival is a perfect place for this type of marketing activation. It’s highly publicized, it’s highly visible and it’s highly effective. This is the type of big beat event that creates unique opportunities for brands to interact with a coveted group of people, Millennials. Bloggers, influencers and celebrities who attend the festival tend to document the extent of the experience on their social media channels, which reaches millions of millennials from all over the globe. Here are some great examples of a couple experiential marketing activations from Coachella 2018.

Marriott Loyalty Lounge

The W Village experience at Coachella is an unrivaled, all-inclusive oasis within the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Located among the lush palm trees and surrounded by spectacular mountain views, our guests experience a quiet refuge inside their very own lavish Yurt. This unique space features four air-conditioned modern Yurts that provide a spacious, luxurious get away. Each Yurt is furnished with a king size bed and sitting area that encompasses the look and feel of a room at a W hotel. Guests are offered an array of W Hotel standard amenities and festival indulgences including a refrigerator personally stocked with their favorite snacks and beverages, maid turndown service, personal concierge, private bathroom and shower for each Yurt, access to the Safari Lounge and dedicated shuttles to take guests to and from the concert venue.


Experiential Marketing Activations and Ideas in New York and Los Angeles
Marriott Experiential Marketing Loyalty Lounge at Coachella 2018


Levi’s Tailor Shop

At Coachella this year, Levi’s setup a temporary headquarters at a nearby hotel. During this experiential marketing extravaganza, they hosted brunch, dressed influencers in their latest styles and setup a tailor shop complete with on-site seamstresses and customization options.

“We are watching how they taper, tear and tailor, stud and paint.” -Levi’s

What will the Levi’s customer be wearing in spring 2019? Jumpsuits and straight-leg jeans, at least according to intel from the Coachella music festival.

Courtesy of Eric Charbonneau

More than at least 100 people, including stars like Brooklyn Beckham, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, came through the temporary Levi’s tailor shop, complete with on-site seamstresses, set up at the brand’s Coachella headquarters at the Colony Palms Hotel this past weekend.

They wriggled into skinny 501s, snapped photos of themselves trying on high-waist jeans and made their own trucker jackets with chain stitching, as staff from the one hundred and fifty-year-old American heritage brand moved about taking very careful watch.

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Snoop Dogg doing some silk screening at Levi’s Tailor Shop at Coachella 2018


HP – The Official Technology Sponsor of Coachella

HP created a couple unique experiential marketing strategies for 2018. They created an 11,000 square foot home called The Antarctic, where guests could experience a 360 degree show, a reimagining of the 19th novella flatland. A romance in many dimensions. HP also se up a smaller lounge where festival goers could immerse themselves in innovative experience using HP computer systems.


HP Experiential Marketing at Coachella 2018

What’s Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing directly engages consumers and brands through the creation of experiences. Brands have been using this technique to market their products and services by creating experiences that trigger emotional responses in the consumer.

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Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.