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The Twitter punch bag experience from Bjorn Borg


Love it or hate it, social media has become the ultimate platform for keeping in touch with friends.

Thanks to Instagram, we can all now see beautiful pictures of friends across the globe. With Facebook, we will never accidentally miss someone’s birthday again. And Twitter lets us read our friends’ daily thoughts in just 140 characters.

However, in 2016 (a strange yet, for many well-publicised reasons), social media, in particular, Twitter, took a slightly more sour turn. Following significant political events, it became the place for users to ‘talk trash’ to those who didn’t share the same opinions.

Sports clothing brand Bjorn Borg decided things needed to change. In an attempt to turn negativity into something positive, it created a great tech-led experiential marketing stunt.

Bjorn Borg created the world’s first Twitter punch bag and placed it in All Stars Gym in Stockholm, home to some of Sweden’s toughest fighters. The punch bag cleverly worked as a keyboard with letters, numbers, and symbols printed on it. Through embedded sensors that were connected to Twitter through WiFi, gym-goers were able to punch out Tweets.

The aim was to encourage people to spread love instead of insults on social media and brought to life the brand’s message ‘our rivals make us better’.

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Kelly Vaught Kelly is the Chief Editor at Experiential Marketing News.